Algeria takes part in 12th meeting of Arab Water Council


ALGIERS-Algeria took part, Wednesday, in the 12th meeting of the Arab Water Council of the Arab League, organized under the slogan “Climate change and water, food and ecological security,” said the Ministry of Water Resources in a statement.

Algeria was represented at this meeting, held by videoconference, by the Minister of Water Resources, Arezki Berraki, during which 21 resolutions aimed at strengthening Arab cooperation in water matters were adopted.

The Arab States participating in the work of this session called for strengthening actions with partners (Arab and UN bodies) and making use of available data and scheduled training sessions, in addition to the presentation and dissemination of successful experiences in matter.

During this meeting, Algeria and four other Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iraq and Morocco) were invited to co-chair the current session for joint coordination in order to come up with a design for the creation of a Arab center responsible for studying the savings of water projects.

To this end, Algeria was elected vice-president of the executive office of the Arab Ministerial Council for Water for the year 2020-2021.


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