Covid-19: Health Minister speaks out on closure of schools


The Minister of Health, Population, Hospital Reform Abderrahmane Benbouzid, tackled, on Sunday, November 22, the issue of the closure of schools in the face of the resurgence of the Coronavirus epidemic in Algeria.

The Minister of Health, affirmed, today on the airwaves of the National Radio channel 3, that the “schools will remain open” and that “this decision will be maintained”, ruling out their closure, while specifying that such a decision initially falls to the competent authorities , and not to his ministrial department.

According to him, all measures have been met to guarantee maximum safety for the students.

The head of the health sector stressed, moreover, that it is not the school “that conaminates”, calling on parents to apply basic barrier measures to protect their children. he added, in this sense, that Algeria has not yet reached an alarming figure to make a decision relating to the future of children.

Despite the steadily increasing number of cases infected with Covid-19, the Minister indicated that “it is not possible to sacrifice the education of an entire generation of students”.

Taking stock of the evolution of the epidemiological situation of the coronavirus in Algeria, the Minister reassured “we will steadily face the situation”.

Earlier, Prime Minister Abdeleziz Djerrad said on the sidelines of the launch of a national reforestation campaign in tipasa: “Why should we close schools? “. “Is there a country in the world that has closed its schools? He wondered.

Recalling that Algeria recorded, Saturday, 1019 new confirmed cases of Coronavirus, 602 recoveries and 19 deaths.


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