Military Industry: Army’s Chief of Staff “seriously considers exporting local products”


Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army, chaired, this Sturday, November 21, a working meeting with the directors general of the indestrial establishments under the military manufacturing directorate, reported a statement from the Ministry of National Defense (mdn).

In his speech, MR. Chanegriha emphasized “the importance given to the military indestries sector in our country”, whether for “the manufacture of arms and ammunition, mechanical indestries and military vehicles, or for clothing and various military effects ”.

“This work is based on a forward-looking and long-term vision, ”he added.

In the same context, the Chief of Staff of the ANP underlined “the interest shown in exporting locally manufactured products”, to “target an international market with quality products that meet international standards ”.

“We must, within the People’s National Army, widen the circle of interest in military manufacturing to meet not only the needs of the army, the other constituted bodies and the local market, but also to access regional markets,” or even the international one, and to seriously think about exporting our products, which must be of quality and meet international standards in this area, in addition to the establishment of transparency and the most advanced management methods, enabling us to compete with other products in terms of quality and price. ”, he detailed.

“I am deeply convinced that major challenges in all fields can only be met with firm determination, imbued with perseverance and supported by the required skills and the right moral qualities, such as integrity, dedication and awareness of the missions to be accomplished”, he concluded.


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