Health Minister : Epidemic, global challenge for health sector

Antimicrobial antibiotics Algeria Coronavirus Covid-19

Minister of Health, Population and Hospital Reform Abderrahmane Benbouzid, said, Friday, that the epidemic has become a global challenge for the health sector worldwide and not only in Algeria.

The Minister added, during the open day, that the ministry holds daily meetings with a view to studying health protocols, revealing that several studies have been conducted to examine the modalities of the vaccine’s purchase, which will be subject to the recommendations of the Scientific Committee in charge of monitoring the Coronavirus pandemic evolution, “regardless of its price” because, he said, “protecting citizens’ health is priceless.”

In a reply to a question on the surge in the number of contaminants in recent days, the Minister stated that the reasons that led to the high number of infections and the rebound of the pandemic were the lack of respect for the recommendations and preventive measures.

In this vein, the Minister, also, stressed the need for physical distancing because the infection is airborne, in addition to washing hands, and wearing masks.

Yesterday, the Minister highlighted, during a meeting marking the national day of the fight against antimicrobial resistance (November 13th), that Algeria “will not import any vaccine which safety and efficacy are not proved in the producing country, in accordance with the instructions of President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune.”

Commenting the fact that a number of contaminated cases through scanner are not included in the daily report, Bnebouzid explained the PCR remains “the best means for the detection of the virus. It is based on the selective multiplication of DNA sequences, while the scanner does not give 100% reliable results.”

In order to address the pressure weighing on hospitals across the country, especially in terms of the number of beds, the minister announced that “mobile hospitals will be prepared, if needed.”


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