El Guergarat aggression: British NGO slams UN failure in resolving crisis


The British Non-Governmental Organization Western Sahara Campaign criticized “the failure of the United Nations to address the situation in the El Guergarat area, which shows the great failure of the Council of Security in organizing a referendum of self-determination so that the Saharawi people can decide their future ”.

In a statement made public on Wednesday, the British NGO revealed the causes of the resumption of the armed conflict in the territory, highlighting that it was the Moroccan occupation army that was responsible for breaking the ceasefire, after taking out its soldiers to attack a group of Saharawi civilians who were protesting peacefully against the opening of an illegal breach in the Wall of Shame that divides Western Sahara.

“Despite the good faith of the Frente POLISARIO and its collaboration with the United Nations to organize a referendum on self-determination for the Sahrawis, the United Nations Council has always followed the game of the Moroccan regime, with the complicity of France” , highlights the statement. “MINURSO has become a toothless body with an obsolete mandate that allows the massive plundering of Sahrawi natural resources, therefore, events have been like the last straw,” the statement concludes.



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