3.3 magnitude earthquake hits Mila province


ALGIERS- A 3.3 magnitude earthquake hit, on Thursady, Nov, 05, 2020 at 07:03 a.m., the province of Mila, reported Ennaher TV citing the CRAAG’ statement published on the body’s official Facebook page.

The tremor was recorded, on Thursady, near the locality of Gouga, in the wilaya of Mila, said the Center of research in astronomy, astrophysics and geophysics (CRAAG).

The earthquake was felt at 15:24, while its epicenter was located 3 km North West of Grarem, Gouga, further indicated the CRAAG.

This is the fourth earthquake of its kind hitting the province of Mila. Earlier, the earthquakes and aftershocks that shook the capital of the wilaya of Mila and its surroundings affected by their strong magnitude the electrical network of the wilaya, in particular the municipalities close to the epicenter of the two shocks which constitute the basin of Béni Haroun dam including Sidi Merouane, Grarem Gouga and Mila.


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