Referendum: National press notes call for “strong mobilization” of referendum campaign leaders


ALGIERS – National press newspapers put forward, on Sunday, the call for “strong mobilization” advocated by the leaders of the referendum campaign on the draft revision of the Constitution during these last days of the campaign, in a bid to attract as many citizens as possible to go to the polls on November 1st.

“A great mobilization is taking shape” wrote the newspaper L’Expression which noted that “continuing at a sustained pace, the referendum campaign revealed the involvement of all the leaders and actors of the political and social scene, in the explanation and sharing with citizens of the importance, expectations, and hopes emanating from the provisions contained in the final version of the revision of the Constitution “.

And the same newspaper added that ” this in order to bring all the transparency on the process of change”.

The Horizons newspaper headlined in its front page “ministers, parties and civil society fully in the battle” adding further in its editorial that the upgrading of the media landscape, is rich “in its diversity” and role “.

“The meaning of the + Yes + widely explained”, headlined, for its part, the newspaper La Nouvelle République which wrote that the referendum campaign (…) is dominated by the call for a “strong mobilization” of citizens to vote on November 1 in favor of the new Constitution, part of the reforms decided by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, who had promised a revision of the fundamental law of the country during the first year of his presidential mandate.

On television and in the field, added the same newspaper, “and in different parts of the country, members of the government, leaders of political parties and civil society activists, authorized to intervene in the framework of the referendum campaign ( …), mostly insisted on the significance of November 1 for the referendum, symbol of fidelity to the sacrifice of the chouhada’.

The El Massa Journal largely echoed the statements of the Acting Speaker of the Council of the Nation, Salah Goudjil made on the National Radio, affirming that “the time has come for the citizen to contribute strongly to the referendum on the proposed amendment of the Constitution, in order to build a strong State, “a State for future generations and not for a given period”, calling for setting aside the political orientations in the service of this approach.

Other newspapers, such as El Chourouk El Yawmi, El Chaab and El Khabar have highlighted the statements of Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the National People’s Army ( ANP) who affirmed Saturday in Oran, that the priority for Algeria which is currently experiencing a “crucial phase” is that of “the revision of the Constitution” and “to rely on the people who will express their voice in all freedom and sovereignty “.



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