Constitutional amendment / campaign: Project to guarantee strengthening of state institutions in service of Algerian people

Algeria referendum Constitution Tebboune

CONSTANTINE – The headlines of the press appearing in the eastern region of the country noted, in their Sunday edition, that the referendum campaign on the proposed amendment of the Constitution is shedding light on the call for massive participation one week before the date of the referendum, scheduled for November 1.

In this context, l’Est Républicain “East Republican” underlined that the president of the El Islah Movement, Filali Ghouini, affirmed, in Setif, that the constitutional amendment project “will guarantee the strengthening of state institutions in the service of the Algerian people”.

And to continue: “To vote + yes + for the new draft revision of the Constitution will put an end to bureaucratic practices and previous injustices, and will establish the rule of law, freedoms and the law, as well as the elected institutions”.

The publication also echoed the passages of the secretary general of the National Liberation Front (FLN) party, Abou El Fadhl Baadji, in Batna and the president of the “Sawt Echaab” party, Lamine Asmani in Khenchela calling on citizens to “contribute to the success of this electoral meeting and participate massively to raise Algeria to the rank of major countries in terms of development and modernization ”.

For its part, Le Quotidien de Constantine relayed the declaration of Adel Ghebouli, president of the Algerian Competence Forum (FCA), considering that the draft constitutional amendment aims to “ create the conditions for sustainable development and instill a real dynamic to stimulate investment, consolidate economic enterprises and encourage the emergence of small businesses ”.

Also, Jijel El Jadida, Le Quotidien de Constantine, El Acil and An-Nasr among other press titles have relayed passages from the speech of Lieutenant General Saïd Chanegriha, Chief of Staff of the Army national popular (ANP) pronounced in Oran, believing that the priority for Algeria which is currently living in a “crucial phase” is that of “the revision of the Constitution” and “to rely on the people who will express their voice in all freedom and sovereignty “.

He stressed: “Putting the country on the right track absolutely requires setting priorities. There is no doubt that the priority, which is essential in this crucial phase that Algeria is going through, is that of revising the Constitution submitted to a popular referendum and leaving it to the people who will express their voice in all freedom and sovereignty”.



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