Up to 5 million pupils to return to school amid exceptional health conditions


ALGIERS – More than 5 million pupils in the primary cycle will return on Wednesday to school across the country, amid exceptional health conditions marked by the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Algeria counts more than 19,000 schools.

Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad, who will be on a working visit to the province of Batna (450 km east of Algiers) will kick off the 2020-2021 school year and inspect a number of projects of social and economic development.

The school year for the primary education exceptionally begins on October 21st due to the spread of the Covid 19 pandemic which caused the closing of schools in Algeria since March 12th.

In this regard, the education ministry has last Sunday unveiled the special plans for classroom lesson resumption, while, taking all the “necessary” measures to protect the health of students and the personnel.

During his meeting with the heads of education directorate and managers of public and private educational establishments, Minister of National Education Mohamed Ouadjaout called for “strict compliance” with the health protocol adopted by the Health Ministry’s scientific committee and the rigorous application of all social distancing measures.

The Minister called for ensuring the permanent cleaning of schools and classroom and applying the rules of physical distancing by prohibiting the gathering of pupils.

He also called the education personnel to provide pupils with necessary psychological assistance in the fight against the virus spread.

According to the exceptional plan, primary schools working with a single-shift system must move to double-shift (morning and afternoon), without alternation and must split pupils into groups. Each teaching group must be divided into two sub-groups, with the same timetable for teachers (Arabic, French and Tamazight).

The plans also provide for that each sub-group works alternately during a week of five days.

Under the special plan, there will be a proportional reduction in the hourly volume for each stream, while remaining focusing on fundamental learning.

For primary schools working in double shifts, the exceptional plan provides for a working system (morning and afternoon), alternately for both groups.

The two groups will work alternately on a daily basis during a week of 6 days, and a system of alternation every two weeks. A proportional reduction in the number of hours for each stream will also be applied.

A weekly hourly volume of 12 hours of lessons has been set under this plan.



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