Constitution Revision: Project is “basis for building modern, stable state”

Algeria referendum Revision amendment

RELIZANE- The president of the El Moustakbel Front, Abdelaziz Belaid, stressed, on Saturday in Relizane, that the draft amendment to the constitution is considered “a basis for building a modern and stable country”.

During a popular rally held in Relizane as part of the referendum campaign, Abdelaziz Belaïd indicated that the draft amendment to the constitution, submitted to a popular referendum “guarantees legal, economic and social stability to build the new democratic and unified republic “.

Referring to the ongoing debate on the provisions of the project, the same official called on all to “adopt a constructive debate and dialogue without sowing hatred and conflicts among Algerians”.

Mr Belaid urged political forces and civil society to contribute to the success of the electoral event by going to the polls to express their voices and vote positively.



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