RND: “yes” vote is vote on people unity, internal front strength

Algeria referendum Revision amendment

MILA – The Secretary General of the National Democratic Rally (RND), Tayeb Zitouni, said on Friday in Tadjenanet (south of Mila) that the “yes” vote on the draft revision of the Constitution, submitted to a popular referendum on the 1st November 2020, is “a vote on the unity of the Algerian people and the strength of the internal front, capable of leading the country to stability and development”.

During a lively meeting at the Mighari Rachid sports hall in Tadjenanet as part of the referendum campaign on the constitutional revision project, Mr. Zitouni specified that this project comes to “preserve the national identity which is a decisive question for the people “, adding that” nobody can question our constants: Islam, Arabism and Amazighism “.

For the SG of the RND, the vote by “yes” on November 1st “strengthens the solidity and the unity of the Algerian people and makes it possible to overcome the division and the extremism and all the differences, by going towards a developed Algeria where justice and stability reign, an Algeria founded on belonging to the principles of November 1st and the spirit of Islam “.

Recalling the articles contained in the draft constitutional amendment strengthening freedoms on all fronts, Mr. Zitouni described them as “a positive step leading to new Algeria, despite the shortcomings noted by the party”, adding that “the party will fight to remedy the shortcomings and will work for the consecration of the positive points contained in the project “.

As for the choice made by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, concerning the date of November 1 as the date of the referendum on the draft constitutional amendment, in view of its historical symbolism, the SG of the RND welcomed this step.

This is a national social project intended to allow the country to reclaim its Novembrist dimension, just as it reflects “the good intentions of President Tebboune in order to be at the service of the country”, he said.

The same official recalled the large number of proposals presented by the RND party contained in the draft constitutional amendment, adding that it remains “a force on the political scene”, especially after the conclusions of the 6th party congress which ” have rectified its trajectory to remain in the service of the country “.



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