Coronavirus: Interior Ministry calls for more vigilance


Ministry of Interior, Local Assemblies and Urban Planning called on, Saturday, Oct, 17th, 2020, citizens to maintain their safety and completely abide by the preventive measures issued with a view to warding off the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement issued by this ministerial department, the Ministry urged citizens to behave with a high sense of responsibility, strictly adhering to preventive measures and approved health protocols.

It further added: “Similar to social distancing, wearing masks and avoiding gatherings are imperative to help contain the pandemic.”

According to the same statement, the ministry has mobilized all the necessary human and material means to stem the spread of the epidemic by relying strictly on precautionary measures.

The document added that these measures allowed months ago to achieve remarkable stability in the health situation and avoid complex scenarios such as many countries.

A total of 221 new confirmed Covid-19 cases, 126 recoveries and five deaths were recorded, Friday, in Algiers, pointed out the spokesman of the scientific committee for monitoring the progress of Coronavirus pandemic Djamel Fourar.


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