Algeria’s biggest bookstore opens in Algiers


ALGIERS- Nadji Mega Bookstore, the biggest in Algeria, opened on Saturday in the commune of Hussein Dey, in Algiers.

The managers of this space dedicated to books took care to take all preventive measures against the new Coronavirus, before visitors access, including limiting the number to 40 people inside the bookstore and compulsory wearing of the bib.

Parents have a particular interest in children’s books, school items and beautiful satchels on display in stands dedicated to children.

With a surface area of ​​1,300 m2, the bookstore which has 3 levels, contains in a beautiful and attractive decor, 1,400 works on display and 40,000 others in stock, dealing with different specialties, between scientific works, literary and extracurricular books, in particular, dictionaries, atlases and encyclopedias.

This new bookstore offers a panoply of books to lovers of the novel and other literary works, notably through the publishing house “Dar El Izza wal El Karama Lil Kitab” which has already created bookstores in Oran, Tlemcen, Sétif, Bechar and other wilayas of the country.

Redouane Lemsioui, one of the managers of this publishing house, affirmed that great interest is given to the quality of the content and the form.

The same speaker indicated that the team that manages this mega bookstore has a rich experience in publication and distribution and collaborates with major Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian and Jordanian publishing houses, even French including Hachette specializing in dictionaries.

In addition to the sale of books, there will also be other projects, namely: spaces for sale-dedication, cultural and intellectual meetings and galleries for artistic exhibitions.



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