Revision of Constitution: “If people want change, it’s time to operate it,” President Tebboune


ALGIERS- President of the Republic Abdelmadjid Tebboune said that the Constitution “endows the one elected by the people with prerogatives,” adding that “if the people want change, it is high time to operate it in a view to clear up any ambiguity from the past.”

Subseuently to the referendum on the constitutional amendment due on November 1st, the Algerian State will be “further moralized and will truly serve all the citizens and not a group of individuals who excercise hegemony over it,” the President said during the interview he gave to national media officilas, aired on Sunday.

Ensuring that the people alone will decide about their future, President Tebboune added that the new Constitution “endows the elected by the people with prerogatives”. “If the people want change it is high time to operate it, so to clear up any ambiguity that prevailed in the past,” affirmed the President of the Republic.



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