President Tebboune declarations on Palestine, Libya, Mali, Western Sahara, Morocco

Palestine, Libya, Mali, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Tebboune

ALGIERS – The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune affirmed that the Palestinian cause “is sacred to the Algerian people”, deploring, in this sense, “the eagerness for normalization with the Zionist entity”.

Speaking in an interview with national media officials on Sunday evening, the President of the Republic reiterated Algeria’s “constant” position vis-à-vis the Palestinian cause, which is “sacred to us and for the whole of the Algerian people “, deploring, in this sense,” the eagerness for normalization (with the Zionist entity), in which we will never take part “.

Stressing that the Palestinian question “is the central cause of the Middle East”, President Tebboune declared: “I do not think that there will be a solution in this region without the resolution of this question which must be by proclamation of an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 borders with El Quds as its capital “.

The President of the Republic indicated that the speech he will deliver on the occasion of the United Nations General Assembly, scheduled for next Tuesday, will focus on the defense of the Palestinian question which will not be abandoned by Algeria under ny circumstances “.

Regarding Libya, President Tebboune renewed Algeria’s position in favor of a lasting solution, emanating from popular electoral legitimacy under the aegis of the United Nations, stressing that “this question also concerns us and we are a neighboring country which shares long borders with Libya. We will impose our opinion and there will be no solution without our participation “.

The President of the Republic also expressed the wish “to see the process in Libya crowned with a lasting and not provisional solution, in particular in the light of the holding of the elections which were widely welcomed and which are supported by the UN with the aim to unite the Libyan brothers, especially between Benghazi and Tripoli and to move towards the designation of names to assume responsibilities “, stressing that” there are names which are beginning to appear “.

In this regard, President Tebboune recalled that there were new regulations from the UN, hence the departure of certain parties including Fayaz Al-Sarraj, reaffirming that “Algeria will not hinder the UN process. “.

Deploring the continuation of the conflict in Libya, the President of the Republic indicated that the Libyan people deserved to live in security, serenity and unity and to exploit their potential and the resources of their country “.

In addition, Mr. Tebboune assured that Algeria was closely monitoring the situation in Mali with which it is in permanent contact, expressing its wish to see “the transition period reduced to a minimum, in addition to a civil personality at the head of the ‘State so that we can contribute to the settlement of the crisis in this country.

In this regard, he affirmed that “Algeria has not had any discussions or consultations with any international party from the outside concerning this question”, adding that “90% of the Malian solution is Algerian, affirming that there are no solutions in northern Mali except the return to the process hosted by Algeria as well as constitutional legitimacy in this country “.

In addition, Mr. Tebboune, underlined that Algeria “has no problem with brotherly Morocco”, specifying that the cause of “Western Sahara is a question of decolonization exposed at the level of the UN”.

He also recalled the position of the late Moroccan King, Hassan II during his visit to Algeria in 1989 for “the promotion of bilateral fraternal relations far from the Sahrawi cause”.



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