French channel M6 banned from operating in Algeria

Enquête exclusive Algérie : Le pays de toutes les révoltes »

ALGIERS- The Ministry of Communication announced, on Monday, its decision to “no longer authorize” the French television channel “M6” to operate in Algeria after the broadcast on Sunday evening by this channel of a documentary “bearing a biased look at the Hirak “, directed by a team provided with a” false authorization to shoot “.

“This move leads us to decide to no longer authorize M6 to operate in Algeria, in any form whatsoever,” the ministry said in a statement. According to the same source, “a Franco-Algerian journalist ensured the realization of the film, with the help of an + Algerian fixer +, provided with a false authorization to shoot “.

“An offense, moreover, severely punished, which will remain on the indelible account of its perpetrators who will have to respond to the prosecutions provided for by article 216 of the Algerian Penal Code for + forgery in authentic and public writing”, specifies the ministry.

“It is clear that with the approach of each electoral rendez-vous, crucial for Algeria and its future, French media devote themselves to the production and dissemination of film reports and other journalistic products, in the vil goal of trying to demotivate the Algerian people, especially their youth, “lamented the same source.

The ministry noted, as such, that “it is not fortuitous that these media, equipped to carry out an agenda aimed at tarnishing the image of Algeria and cracking the unwavering trust established between the Algerian people and their institutions “. The Ministry of Communication recalled, in this context, that the editorial staff of the French channel M6 had submitted, on March 6, 2020, a request for press accreditation for members of the team of the program “Enquête Exclusive”, for the shooting of a documentary on “the promotion of the economic and tourist development of the city of Oran, as well as the multiculturalism which makes the richness of our country”.

“This request received an unfavorable response from the services of the Ministries of Communication and Foreign Affairs”, it stressed, noting that “in the end, the team produced a completely different documentary broadcast yesterday, September 20, 2020 at 11:10 p.m. (French time) under the title: + Algeria, the Land of Revolts +, with a biased look on the Hirak “.

“Lasting 75 minutes, this documentary film directed by the so-called Dahmane Ziane, deals with + Hirak + and Algerian youth, based on testimonies from three young Algerians on the future in their country,” the statement recalled.

“According to the synopsis of that documentary, it is also a question of relating the + despair + of certain Algerians, who are considering only one option: to flee the country. A country where + filming is very difficult,” as suspected producer-presenter Bernard De la Villardière “, the same source added.

According to the Ministry of Communication, “the latter admitted to having resorted to the use of + discreet cameras + before pointing to the choice of + many anonymous journalists + who worked for what he claims to be an + investigation”.

“In the end, supposed to reveal + the bankruptcy of the Algerian regime +, the product is a sum of three insipid testimonies drawing on the most reductive clichés: first, that of Noor, a YouTuber who + dreams of freedom by living on the advice of makeup that she gives to women +.

Then, Nardjes who, for her part, decided to live in the West to flee a country considered “ultra-conservative”. Finally, Ayoub who + dreams of seeing an Islamic state born in Algeria and is committed to this end in politics “, he added.

The ministry said, in this regard, that “the main parties have contacted the French Audiovisual Council and have seized the services of the Embassy of France in Algeria, in order to lodge a complaint for having been manipulated, out of any professionalism, any ethics and any morals “.

“In an update published on social networks, Noor deplored + the lack of professionalism + of the channel and + really regrets having participated in the report +”, indicated the communique, stressing that this one ” reports having been contacted by an Algerian journalist for a report dealing with + the emancipation of the Algerian woman + and that she was + far from imagining that she and her husband would be used to give a bad image of women and men of our country + “.

“A clandestine filming supposed to reveal + the hidden face + of our country turned out to be a sum of anecdotes without depth and unrelated to the socio-economic reality (in constant improvement) and political (democratic opening)”, concluded the Ministry of Communication.



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