Constitution Revision: FLN calls for massive participation in November 1 referendum


CHLEF- The member of the political bureau of the National Liberation Front (FLN), Mohamed Alioui, called, Saturday from Chlef, for a massive participation of citizens in the referendum on the constitutional revision, scheduled for November 1st.

“The activists and citizens are called to participate massively in the referendum of November 1 relating to the constitutional revision project, in order to teach the enemies of the Nation a lesson, and build, hand in hand, a new Algeria”, Alioui declared during a meeting that brought under one roof the party militants at the Kasma level of Chettia, 7 km north of Chlef.

He further considered that the coincidence of the date of this popular referendum with the anniversary of the November 1 Revolution “has a strong historical symbolism”.

“It is a date which will consecrate another Revolution in the new Algeria”, he maintained, considering that the country is at “a stage of clarifying visions concerning the constitutional revision project, especially since ‘this is the supreme law of the country,’ he observed.

In this regard, Alioui announced a series of meetings initiated by the FLN “to explain to citizens the content of this constitutional revision project”.

On another level, the member of the political bureau of the FLN welcomed the return of the skulls of the chouhadas of the popular resistance in Algeria, believing that this operation safeguards the history of Algeria and the sacrifices of its children.

This first meeting of its kind, organized after the renewal of the leadership of the FLN party, addressed many organizational points relating to the party’s Mouhafadas and Kasmas in Chlef.



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