Book: Novel “El Kasr … siret daftar menssi”, winner of Nibras prize for literary creativity

association Nibras. Sétif

SETIF – The novel “El Kasr … siret daftar menssi” by author Youcef Laichi Mimoun from the wilaya of Djelfa won the Nibras prize for literary creativity, unveiled, on Thursday, the president of the cultural association Nibras of Sétif.

In a statement to the APS, Nabil Ghandoussi specified that this national literary award, instituted, last February, on the initiative of his association under the leadership of the municipality of Sétif, collected 57 works from the inside and outside the country for a period of 5 months until July 31, 2020, adding that 48 written essays by Algerian authors were selected.

According to Nabil Ghandoussi, this competition aims to make known and encourage new literary talents in the field of the novel, adding, in this same context, that the jury initially selected 10 novels before establishing a “short list” of 4 books namely “Hina yaktahil El Houb”, by Abdelouahed Houari de Tlemcen, “104” by Ayacha Kebaili from Sétif, “Errihane” by Taha Bounini from the wilaya of Mascara as well as the novel “El Kasr … siret daftar menssi”, winner of the first edition of the 2020 Nibras Prize.

Spread over 106 pages and divided into 9 chapters, this societal novel which addresses heritage and religion through the spiritual and cultural role of the zaouïas in the Saharan region of Touat by plunging the reader into the depths of the desert, seduced the jury which, in its report, qualified this promising essay book as a hymn to the desert.

As a reminder, the Nibras association of the town of Sétif, organizer of this cultural event will publish the novel “El Kasr … siret daftar menssi” at its expense and will grant a copy to its author the day before the commemoration of the 66th anniversary the outbreak of the revolution of November 1, 1954.



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