Preparations for constitutional referendum: Communication Minister meets with heads of private TV channels


    ALGIERS- Minister of Communication, Spokesman of the Government, Ammar Belhimer, chaired, on Tuesday, a working session with heads and representatives of private TV channels, destined to the final adjustments related to the popular referendum on the constitutional revision.

    During this meeting, which is part of the continuation of the series of periodic meetings with the various media establishments, the minister urged private television channels to “open their platforms to civil society and experts with a view to ‘explaining and clarifying the content of the Constitution through a fruitful debate, “said the same source.

    He also called on the public and private media to “mobilize globally to elucidate anything relating to a broad explanation of the Constitution, in anticipation of the popular referendum”.

    In this regard, Mr. Belhimer recalled that “the President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune had given instructions to allow a large number of associations and representatives of civil society to participate widely in the debate on the content of the new Constitution, a debate that the media are invited to promote “.

    “These instructions emanate from the President of the Republic’s attachment to strengthening the role of civil society and its links with the institutions of the Republic, as part of participatory democracy in the best interests of the country”, he said.

    He reiterated, moreover, the determination of the ministry to “support all the national media for the success of this general debate”.

    For their part, the directors of private television channels who took part in this meeting reaffirmed “their full mobilization” to contribute to a large operation aimed at clarifying the content of the constitutional revision.



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