Leaks of baccalaureate Subjects: Sentences ranging from 10 months to 3 years in prison


ALGIERS- Justice, on Monday, pronounced prison sentences for charges related to the leakage of the subjects of the baccalaureate exam or the dissemination of corrections, said, Monday, the Ministry of Justice in a statement.

In this context, the court of Hassi Bahbah (Djelfa) sentenced to a three (3) years in prison against the defendants with the initials (RM) and (RF) together with a fine of 500,000 Da with committal warrant for leaking the subject of Arabic language and dits correction, specified the same source.

The court of Tébessa sentenced the defendant with the initials (S.S) to a sentence of 18 months in prison with a fine of 100,000 Da. The court of Al Aouinet (Tébessa), for its part, condemned the defendants with the initials (H. KH) and (H. W) to a one-year prison sentence with a fine of 50,000 Da.

In the Laghouat court, a sentence of one year in prison was pronounced against the defendant with the initials (K. N.) with a fine of 100,000 DA. The same sentence was pronounced against the two defendants with the initials (T. F) and (Z. R) in Ksar Chellala.

The court of Oued Rhiou (Relizane) sentenced the defendant (Mr. M. A) to ten (10) months in prison, together with a fine of 100,000 DA.

In El Menia, the defendant responding to the initials (Ch. M) was placed in police custody. Investigations are continuing into such criminal acts, the perpetrators of which have been recognized pending their arrest and presentation before the competent courts.

The ministry affirmed that the National Body for the fight and prevention against crime linked to ICT and the brigades for the fight against cybercrime across the national territory, work through “their constant and permanent vigilance, day and night, to monitor such actions in order to ensure the smooth running of the Baccalaureate exams.



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