Back-to-school contingent on scientific committee reports


Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said Sunday that the back-to-school date for 2020-2021 will be set according to the reports of the scientific committee on the fight against Covid-19.

“The epidemiological situation in the country is stable today thanks to respect for preventive health protocols and the conscience of Algerian families,” Djerad told the Algerian radio from Annaba.

The premier stressed “the need to maintain the same level of vigilance,” ensuring that “the health of the citizen comes first.”

Earlier in that morning, the prime minister Kicked off the September 2020 Baccalaureate exams, from the examination center of Chaib Larbi Middle School in midtown Annaba.

He was accompanied by minister of National Education Mohamed Ouadjaout and minister of Industry Ferhat Ait Ali Braham.



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