Amazigh version of “Opium and the stick” projected in December

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TIZI-OUZOU – The preview of the Tamazight version of the film “The opium and the stick”, adapted from the eponymous novel by Mouloud Mammeri, will be broadcast next December in Tizi-Ouzou, said, Thursday, the secretary-general of the High Commission for Amazighity (HCA), Si El Hachemi Assad, at the local radio forum.

It will be broadcast on December 28 as part of the activities commemorating the birthday of the writer, anthropologist and linguist, he said, stressing that “it is a job that required a lot of efforts, time and resources to be closer to the author’s text “.

Mr. Assad hailed, on the occasion, the work accomplished by the producer-director Samir Aït Belkacem who took “the time necessary to provide a clean and well put job”, stressing that the HCA accompanied the project by “taking into charges the legal and financial considerations related to this work, in particular, the authorizations of the director of the film, Ahmed Rachedi, as well as his rights “.

The HCA, which was a partner in this dubbing work launched in 2017, will, also, “promote this film throughout the national territory”, he added.

Still within the framework of the promotion of the Amazigh language and culture, Mr. Assad also underlined during his speech that the President’s Prize for the Amazigh language and literature recently instituted “will contribute to this promotion by encouraging writing and editing “.

Regarding the media, Mr. Assad said that the HCA has “a pragmatic vision to gradually generalize the presence of Tamazight in the media” through a training program for journalists from various media in collaboration with the Ministry of Communication.



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