Algeria eyes to export public works services to Africa


ALGIERS-Minister of Public Works Farouk Chiali said Saturday in Algiers that Algeria was working to export services and products of his sector especially to African markets.

Speaking at the opening of the National Symposium on “Exporting in the Public Works Sector”, Mr. Chiali recalled that the country had several design offices and competent companies that currently export their services, adding that their number remains minimal in relation to the potentialities offered.

On this occasion, the Minister highlighted “the enormous potential” available to companies having built highways, dams and tunnels and which have the same competence as foreign companies, or even better “.

The meeting was an opportunity to learn about the obstacles faced by operators during exporting and work towards finding quick solutions, he said, adding that exports in his sector were clearly low and stressing on the need to diversify and promote them within the framework of the Government’s priorities.

Building a strong economy with diversified resources is the basis of the new economic approach, the contours of which have been defined by the President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, he pointed out, stressing that “the executive is working to its realization by ensuring favorable conditions and supporting exporting companies to obtain currency “.

The Government intends to put in place, in coordination with the Algerian Association of Roads, a framework facilitating public works services, in particular the activation of Algeria’s capacities in this area, namely laboratories, studies or works. , recalling the existence of several successful Algerian companies.

Mr. Chiali praised the commitment of the members of the Government who attended the conference and their support for the objectives of the sector by offering the necessary facilities to companies and consulting firms to launch into export.

In addition, he reported on a meeting held last week with the Governor of the Bank of Algeria, during which the problems which hamper these initiatives and which “require effective solutions in the most cases were reviewed”.

The Minister also mentioned the important role of insurance and banks, as well as the role of the trade sector in coordinating efforts by achieving complementarity in the sphere of exports.

To do this, it will be necessary to develop specifications in collaboration with diplomatic representations, in order to facilitate the work of Algerian companies abroad, he added, assuring that “the State will take care of several tasks in order to provide full support to businesses “.

For his part, the Minister Delegate in charge of Foreign Trade, Aïssa Bekaï, specified that his sector had started “the inventory” to be able to define all the companies active in the public works sector.

A national export strategy was recently launched by the Ministry of Commerce, with the study of possible financing by products of Islamic finance, he continued.

The pharmaceutical industry, agriculture and digitization were also introduced in the field of exports.

As for the export of construction materials, the Deputy Minister welcomed the level of production, citing, as an example, the case of the 24 cement factories which recorded a production surplus.



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