Libya: Montreux meeting announces ” preparatory phase” for global solution


MONTREUX (Switzerland) – Participants in the Libyan consultative meeting, held in the city of Montreux in Switzerland over the past three days, issued a final declaration of seven recommendations for submission to the Political Dialogue Committee, including on the consideration of a “preparatory phase” for the general settlement of the Libyan crisis.

The participants in the Montreux meeting in which representatives of the main Libyan actors took part, in the presence of Manul, agreed, according to the statement, to consider the “preparatory phase for a comprehensive solution” as a deadline to prepare the conditions appropriate for the holding of legislative and presidential elections within a period not exceeding 18 months, and on the basis of an agreed constitutional provision.

They recommend inter alia “the restructuring of the executive power to form a Presidential Council composed of a president and two vice-presidents, a government of national unity independent of the Council and the choice of the members of the Presidential Council and the head of government within the framework of the work of the Libyan Political Dialogue Committee, which is responsible for forming the government, “taking into account the unity of Libya and its geographical, political and social diversity”.

The final declaration also provides for “the evaluation and periodic monitoring by the Libyan Political Dialogue Committee of the work of the executive authority, and of the manner in which it performs its tasks.

And invites the House of Representatives and the Presidential Council of the GNA to agree on the high offices and the electoral process within a reasonable time.

In addition, the participants in the consultative meeting expressed their hope for a “rapid return to the Committee of political dialogue” and underlined the need for the international community to assume its full responsibility in order “to ensure stability, respect for the resolutions of UN Security Council relating to Libyan sovereignty and to support the Libyan political process in word and deed. ”

These recommendations will be submitted to the Political Dialogue Committee which will meet soon under the aegis of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (Manul).



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