Pipeline OK1 leak in El Oued: Global diagnosis to be established, several measures to adress damages to be taken

El Oued. Algeria. Algerie pipelines. leak

ALGIERS- Group Sonatrach announced, Saturday, in a communiqué, several measures and decisions aimed at addressing the damages caused by last Thursday’s pipeline OK1 leak in El Oued.

“Following the inspection visit, on Friday, of the CEO of Sonatrach to the region of El Baaj (in El Oued), several measures and decisions were taken to address the damage due to the oil spill,” the Company said.

Supplementary investigation into the reasons behind the leak will be conducted by a multidisciplinary team which will establish a global diagnosis in the scene of the accident in order to assess the extent of the potential damage to the environment.

The Group also decided to mobilize all the means to absorb the polluted water in the River and treat all contaminated puddles of water.

Some sections will be graded and leveled by specialized team, added the communiqué of Sonatrach.

Periodic control of underground waters will be carried out throughout one year by Sonatrach, with the assistance of laboratories.

The National Group will drill wells to examine waters in the region where the incident took place.

“All the resources have been mobilized to alleviate the impacts of this incident and the situation is totally under control,” said Sonatrach.



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