Samir Guesmi’s film “Ibrahim” honored at Angoulême Festival

Samir Guesmi Ibrahim Angoulême

ALGIERS – The feature film “Ibrahim” by Franco-Algerian filmmaker Samir Guesmi won, on Wednesday, four trophies including the Valois de Diamant, highest distinction of the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival (FFA) which was held, for its 13th edition, from August 28 to September 2, report the organizers on the event website.

Released in 2020 by “Why Not Productions”, “Ibrahim”, the first feature film by Samir Guesmi, also won the Valois for best direction and music, as well as that for best screenplay, ahead among other films, “Un triomphe” (France) by Emmanuel Courcol who obtained the Valois for the public and “Slalom” (France-Belgium) rewarded with the Valois Magelis for French-speaking students, in an edition which has included in its program about sixty films, ten of which are in competition.

The film, which should be released in theaters on December 9, follows, in 80 minutes, the life of young Ibrahim, shared between his father Ahmed, scalded at the Royal Opera brewery, serious and reserved, and his friend from the technical high school, Achilles, older than him and known for his bad moves, who will drag him into a theft that will turn badly.

Relations then become strained between Ibrahim and his father, forced to settle the bill for the theft committed by his son and thus see his dream of regaining dignity and working in the dining room shattered.

Gnawed by the feeling of guilt, Ibrahim will take all the risks to repair his fault.



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