Oil leaks in 2 pipelines in El Oued: Sonatrach contains situation

Sonatrach. oil. leak. El Oued

ALGIERS- National Hydrocarbon Company Sonatrach said it managed to control the oil leak that occurred Thursday at two pipelines in Baaj, province of El Oued (650 km southeast of Algiers), the company said Friday in a press release published on its facebook page.

The public group informs that “after the oil leak at the level of the Ok1 tube, in the region of Baaj (W of El Oued), on September 3, 2020, connecting the red basin (Hassi Messaoud) and Skikda, the technical teams and specialists from Sonatrach proceeded, from the early hours of Friday, to an operation to absorb the quantity of spilled oil, and began maintenance work on the part damaged by the floods “.

Sonatrach said that the bad weather conditions which have affected the southern regions in recent days are the cause of two leaks at the Ok1 pipeline which connects the red basin (Hassi Messaoud) to Skikda.

It added the leak occurred in a valley in the region, currently prone to flooding.

The first leak was recorded at the exit of the SP2 pumping station in Djaamaa, in the municipality of El Oued, point 190 + 200 (PK), checked by the Sonatrach maintenance teams, the statement pointed out, adding that maintenance work is in progress.

The second leak was recorded at point PK 263 in the Al-Baaj region, in the delegate wilaya of El M’gheir.

“All the necessary measures have been taken to control the situation, ensure the safety of individuals and facilities, while taking into account the preservation of the environment”, assured the Sonatrach Group, in its press release.



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