“Tahya Cinéma” : Platform to facilitate production, financing of films

Tahya Cinéma. Art. cinema. ALgeria. Algerie. culture.

ALGIERS – “Tahya Cinéma” is a newly-created digital platform, intended for professionals of the 7th art and audiovisual industry who will now have the possibility of finding sources of funding in Algeria and abroad to carry out their projects.

The platform proposes to put in relation the “talents and the professionals of the audio-visual and cinema sector in Algeria by offering them production and financing opportunities for their film projects”, explained the initiators.

Users of this network will be able to access the information and tools necessary for their training in film and audiovisual professions in Algeria and abroad.

The platform also offers a list of cinemas and film clubs operating in service as well as a directory of film festivals around the world. Its initiators also intend to contribute to “the emergence of a dynamic” favorable to communication between film and audiovisual professionals.

In addition to connecting practitioners of the 7th art and audiovisual industry with the business world, “Tahya Cinéma” works to “promote opportunities” for training in the writing, directing, production and distribution of movies.



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