Algeria-Serbia: Bilateral economic cooperation examined

Algeria-Serbia: economy. cooperation . Algerie

ALGIERS- The Minister of Finance, Aymen Benabderrahmane, held, Tuesday at the headquarters of his ministerial department, a meeting with Aleksandar Jankovic, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in Algeria, on the development of bilateral economic cooperation.

During the audience granted to the ambassador, at his request, the “strong historical ties which have always characterized relations between the two countries and which constitute an important pledge for the development of deep and diversified economic relations” were recalled , indicated a press release from the ministry.

In this perspective, the two parties “reviewed the state of bilateral economic and financial cooperation, as well as the ways and means to be implemented to develop and strengthen it”.

The two sides, also, discussed the economic and financial situation prevailing in the two countries, in particular the policies and reforms undertaken by their respective governments, to ensure stability and minimize the negative effects of the challenges to which their economies are faced and ensure the continuity of the economic and social development of their countries, in particular with regard to the impacts generated by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Finally, the two officials undertook to continue and maintain their exchanges in order to best meet the development requirements of their respective economies, and implement the various agreements negotiated between the two of them, particularly the agreement on the non-double taxation , the statement concluded.



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