Amazigh literature and language: Contest for President of Republic Prize to open next week


ORAN-Secretary General of the High Commission for Amazighity (HCA) Si El Hachemi Assad announced, Saturday in Oran, that the contest for the Prize of the President of the Republic for Amazigh literature and language would open the following week just after the installation of the jury members.

An independent jury will be installed next week, thus, kicking off participation in this award, said Si El Hachemi Assad on the sidelines of a study day on Amazigh language publishing, organized by the HCA in partnership with the “Numidia” Association and the Center for Research in Social and Cultural Anthropology of Oran.

In his speech delivered on this occasion, the secretary general of the HCA recalled that the President’s Prize for the Amazigh language and literature “is a milestone in the national cultural construction valuing intellectual and literary achievements in all its diversity and variants. ”

He added that the prize will relate to four axes which are linguistics, literature expressed in Tamazight and translated into that language, research in the field of intangible Amazigh cultural heritage as well as scientific, technological and digital research.

In addition, Si El Hachemi Assad indicated that the cooperation between the HCA and the associations “gave very positive results”, explaining that his institution relies on its partners in civil society, while welcoming the efforts of the association ” Numidia “of Oran which activates for the promotion of the Amazigh culture.



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