Jijel: Export of 10,000 liters of olive oil to Europe


A first shipment of 10,000 liters of “Kotama” trademark olive oil was exported, Wednesday, from the Djen Djen port of Jijel to several countries in Europe.

The exporter, the agricultural investor, Mohamed Benseghir specified that these 10,000 liters of olive oil were exported to France, Belgium, and England and constitute “the beginning of an export operation of this product which will have to continue over several months “.

The same economic operator who reported, in this context, of the signing of an olive oil export agreement bearing the “Kotama” label with a foreign partner for a period of 3 years, added that the agreement provides for the export of an amount of 10,000 liters per month.

For his part, the secretary general of the Jijel Chamber of Agriculture, Yacine Zedam clarified, on the sidelines of the export operation, that the chamber had accompanied the investor until the conclusion of the export and this through listening cells, recently created to provide better support for farmers, investors and exporters from an administrative point of view in particular.

Olive growing in Jijel covers 18,000 hectares, of which 14,500 ha have entered production with a yield varying between 18 and 22 liters / quintal, recalled the same source, specifying that local production in this area had exceeded the the 6 million liters.



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