Morocco: Actress, former Minister of Culture, Touria Jebrane, passes away


RABAT- Moroccan actress and former Minister of Culture Touria Jebrane died Monday in Casablanca at the age of 68 after a long illness, MAP agency reported citing her family.

A key figure in Moroccan theater, Touria Jebrane, who also left her mark on television and the big screen, had forged a career made up of successes and great contributions during the 70s, 80s and 90s. She had contributed to the founding of several troupes, including Masrah Achaab (people’s theater), Masrah Al Fourja, and Masrah al fannanin al mouttahidine (theater of united artists).

With the late Tayeb Saddiqi, another sacred theater monster, she began a particular stage in her artistic career as part of the Masrah Annas (People’s Theater) troupe, which has produced plays that have marked the artistic scene, such as; Sidi Abderrahmane el Majdoube and Abou Hayyan Attaouhidi.

Alongside the playwright Abdelouahed Ouzari, the late one had co-founded a new troupe which aspired to restore the shine to the Moroccan theater and raise its level through theatrical pieces that have remained etched in the memory of the Moroccan public and beyond.

Touria Jebrane, who was appointed Minister of Culture between 2007 and 2009, continued her primary and secondary studies in Casablanca.

She graduated from the National Conservatory of the State Ministry responsible for cultural affairs and original education.

Touria Jebrane had won several prizes and distinctions in several national, Arab and international festivals. She was awarded the Wissam for National Merit.



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