Publications: Moujahid Abdelouhed Boudjaber retraces main stations of Revolution, Independence


ALGIERS- In his new work recently published under the title “From the fight to the reconstruction of the Algerian State”, the writer and moudjahid Abdelouahed Boudjaber retraces the main stations which marked the war of liberation and the highlights of the first years of independence.

Published by the National Center for Studies and Research on the National Movement and the Revolution of November 1, 1954, the 228-page book is a chronological account of these historical events which marked this period in Algerian history.

The author highlights the difficult socio-economic conditions created by colonial France in Algeria, notably illiteracy, poverty, unemployment and the deterioration of the agricultural sector, consequences of the massacres and the forced exodus of Algerians.

He also discussed the role of political parties and their leaders including Messali Hadj in the outcome of the Algerian struggle for independence.

In spite of certain “errors” noted by the author in the activity of the parties, he admits that they nevertheless allowed the young political actors to acquire an experience which favored the emergence of revolutionary leaders who started the war of November 1, 1954.

For the author, the fight of the FLN (National Liberation Front) has distinguished itself from that of other liberation movements around the world, by its religious base considered as one of its “essential elements”.

Abdelouahed Boudjaber criticizes the policy of Ahmed Ben Bella who imposed the idea of ​​the “one party by banning the activity of any organization with a political vocation”.

“From the fight to the reconstruction of the Algerian state” also revisits the facts of the political news of the first years of independence, in particular the coming to power in 1963 of Ahmed Ben Bella, one of the historical leaders of the CRUA (Revolutionary Committee of unity and action) and Algeria’s accession, in May 1963, to the charter of the Organization for African Unity (OAU).

Supported by portraits of revolutionary leaders and photos illustrating various historic stations such as; the massacres of May 8, 1945, the work also includes appendices including the full text of the Evian Accords.

Retired senior officer and former National Secretary of the National Moudjahedin Organization, Abdelouahed Boudjaber has written, also, a book on “The military side of the war of national liberation, zone 5 of historic Wilaya I”.



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