Storyteller Seddik Mahi partakes in virtual edition of “Morocco of Tales” International Festival


ALGIERS-Algerian novelist and storyteller Seddik Mahi will participate in the 17th edition of the “Morocco of Tales” International Festival organized by the Moroccan Association for Education and Culture “Conte’Act”.

Organized from August 7 to 31 under the theme “the word of the world exceeds the Covid-19”, the cultural event takes place in the presence of a number of creative artists from different countries of the world in order to present works reflecting the cultural and civilizational depth of their region. This edition focuses on the fight against disasters and strengthening the role of storytelling in the education of young people.

Artist Mahi, who has taken part in this festival and other festivals around the world, has released a new collection entitled “Moula Moula and other tales”.

In addition to his experience in the theater, the artist has already led training workshops in Algeria and abroad.



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