Classification of Théâtre of Oran: Works evolving at “well advanced” pace


ORAN- The procedure for the classification of the Oran Regional Theater “Abdelkader Alloula” (TRO) as national heritage is “well advanced”, indicated, Saturday, the director of this cultural infrastructure, Mourad Senouci.

Announced by the Minister of Culture and Arts during her working visit last July to Oran, the classification of the TRO as a protected national heritage is evolving at a “well advanced” stage, Mr. Senouci told APS.

“Meetings were held with the competent officials of the supervisory authority, giving rise to expert work for the detailed inventory of heritage elements and a diagnosis of the inventory of fixtures in architectural terms,” ​​he explained.

In addition, the director of the TRO announced the preparation for the launch of the restoration works of the statues and glazing of the dome of the Theater, an operation also announced by the Minister of Culture and Arts during her last working visit to Oran.

“The restoration will be launched soon and carried out by Czech architects who are experts in the field, and that, within the framework of cooperation with the Czech Republic,” said Senouci.

The restoration action will see the involvement of students from the School of Fine Arts and young architects, thus contributing to the consolidation of their practical training, added the director of the TRO.



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