UAE-Zionist Entity Agreement: Several countries express rejection, outrage


ALGIERS – Several countries have expressed their rejection and outrage regarding of the “normalization” agreement between the Arab Emirates and Israel, concluded under the aegis of the United States, described by the Palestinian Authority as a “betrayal” to the Palestinian cause.

“The Palestinian leadership rejects what the UAE has done. This is a betrayal of El-Quds and the Palestinian cause,” the Palestinian leadership said in a statement, calling for “an urgent meeting” of the Arab League to denounce the project supported by the United States. The Palestinian Authority has also recalled its ambassador to Abu Dhabi.

“This agreement is totally rejected and condemned. It does not serve the Palestinian cause. In fact, it constitutes a continuation of the denial of the rights of the Palestinian people,” said Hazem Qassem, spokesman for the Palestinian movement Hamas, adding that it is a “blank check” for the continuation of the Israeli occupation.

“This agreement announced Thursday is a” strategic stupidity “of Abu Dhabi and Israel which” will undoubtedly further strengthen the axis of resistance “, the Iranian foreign ministry said in a statement.

For Iran, “establishing diplomatic relations between Israel and US allies in the Gulf is a key objective of US President Donald Trump’s regional strategy to contain Iran’s growing influence.”

For its part, Turkey has denounced the agreement, saying it is “just a hypocrisy that will only serve the interests of the Arab Emirates.”

“The United Arab Emirates are trying to present this as a kind of sacrifice for Palestine, while they betray the Palestinian cause to serve their small interests,” responded the Turkish Foreign Ministry, adding that “History and the conscience of the peoples of the region will not forget this hypocrisy and will never forgive it “.

Turkish President Rajeb Tayeb Erdogan said on Friday he had “instructed the Minister of Foreign Affairs to suspend all relations with the United Arab Emirates”.



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