Revision of Constitution: President Tebboune calls to prepare for referendum


ALGIERS – The President of the Republic, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, called on the members of the Government and the walis, Wednesday in Algiers, to prepare for the referendum on the preliminary draft of the revision of the Constitution currently in the process of “collection of proposals”.

In his speech at the opening of the Government-Walis meeting at the Palais des Nations, Mr. Tebboune declared: “I invite you, as of now, to prepare for the referendum (on the preliminary draft of the revision of the Constitution), in order to guarantee the best conditions and material and psychological means able to allow the citizen to have a say in the future of their country ”, addressing his thanks“ to all those who have contributed to the ‘enrichment of the version of the preliminary draft of the revision of the Constitution namely; national personalities, political parties, unions, civil associations, university teachers and others ”. I would particularly like to welcome and highly value all the proposals made, he added.

President Tebboune reaffirmed, in this sense, that “the change claimed by the popular Hirak is certainly a peaceful change, but radical which passes through the Constitution, the basis of the State”, stressing that “the change must not ‘operate within the offices or be the prerogative of a certain group but must emanate from the people who will have the last word and all the freedom to validate or refuse the the draft of the Constitution ”.

If rejected, “the old Constitution will be implemented , with the determination to effect change,” said President Tebboune.

Supporters of the transition period and plotters from other shores are wrong since the train is already on and will not turn back, he said.

After expressing the ambition to develop “a consensual Constitution”, the President of the Republic announced that a “text will soon be published encompassing the proposals of all “.

Once this operation is finalized, he continued, the amendment of the Constitution will become “a project”, but currently, “we are still in the phase of collecting proposals”.

In this wake, Mr. Tebboune considered that “the new Algeria is in great need of adopting a new attitude where actions and words correspond and where good behavior and dedication in the work are combined.

“We are all at the service of the People and we really believe in the realization of their legitimate demands expressed on February 22, 2019”, assured President Tebboune.



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