Sidi Giles earthquake (Tipaza): No material damages, human losses recorded


No material damages or human losses were recorded on Sunday after the earthquake, which struck the region of Sidi Ghiles (P. of Tipaza), and which was felt in the neighboring provinces, indicated civil protection.

“Inspection operations were carried out in the wilayas where the earthquake was felt,” said the general directorate of civil protection in a press release.

The same source added that the earthquake was felt in the provinces of Tipaza, Chlef, Blida and Algiers. With a magnitude of 4.3 degrees on the open Richter scale, the tremor stuck the locality of Sidi Ghiles, in the wilaya of Tipaza, at 00.00, announced the Center for Research in Astronomy, Astrophysics and geophysics (CRAAG).

The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded 10 km north-west of Sidi Ghiles, a village located 7 km west of Cherchell, detailed the CRAAG.


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