“Pasha Mosque” in Sidi El Houari to be restored after deconfinement


ORAN – The Minister of Culture and Arts, Malika Bendouda announced, on Tuesday in Oran, that the operation to restore the “Pasha Mosque” located in Sidi El Houari, the beating heart of the city of Oran, will begin after the end of the lockdown decided as part of the protective measures to stem the coronavirus pandemic.

The minister indicated, in a statement to the press on the sidelines of the second and last day of her visit to the wilaya marked by the inspection of various historic monuments in Oran, that the operation to restore the Pasha Mosque which will be carried out within the framework of an agreement with the Turks, will be launched directly after the deconfinement, highlighting the completion of the study of this project.

The restoration work was suspended due to the suspension of air navigation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, she noted.

Malika Bendouda, who inquired about this religious building, erected in 1797 at the time of “Mohamed Bey El Kébir” expressed her satisfaction with the rehousing of the families who squatted this site in new housing by the local authorities.

Also, as part of the partnership with the Turks, the restoration of the Bey’s Palace is planned, the work of which will also be launched, after the deconfinement, underlined the minister.

In addition, the historic site “Portus Magnus” located in the commune of Bethioua east of Oran and representing “the ruins of a Roman city”, will benefit from an operation of a protective fence, announced the Minister during her visit to this site which covers an area of ​​49.32 hectares. A site classified in 1968 and which benefited in 2011 from a study of a safeguard and restoration plan.

The second day of the visit of the Minister of Culture and Arts in the wilaya of Oran was devoted to the inspection of several other archaeological sites, including the Bey Palace and the Pasha Mosque.



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