Crisis in Libya: UN hails Algeria’s efforts to find political solution


The Acting Special Representative of the UN Secretary General in Libya, Stephanie Williams, welcomed, on Sunday in Algiers, Algeria’s efforts to find a political solution to the crisis in Libya.

“We are working, under the auspices of the Berlin Agreement, of which Algeria is a part, to try to find a political solution to the crisis in Libya and to act also on the economic side. We are grateful for Algeria’s efforts to find a political solution to this crisis,” Ms Williams said at the end of the audience granted to her by the President of the Republic, Mr Abdelmadjid Tebboune.

“I have today received guarantees from Algeria to support us in this initiative which allows us to reach a ceasefire and put an end to this conflict that has lasted so long,” said the representative of the UN Secretary-General.

She expressed the “concern” of the UN SG, Antonio Guterres, about the situation in Libya and his request to foreign forces to stop their interference in the country.

Highlighting the suffering endured by the Libyan people as a result of this 9-year crisis, Ms Williams said it was “high time” to find a solution to this conflict and thus allow the Libyan people to embark on a political process through dialogue.

She also insisted on the need to put an end to the “international impunity” which makes some countries “not respecting the embargo imposed by the UN on arms that enter Libya illegally”, as well as “internal impunity in Libya, following human rights violations”.



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