More than 65.5 billion Da allocated to fight against Covid-19


ALGIERS- An amount of Da 65.53 billion has been devoted to the fight against the pandemic of the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) in Algeria, Finance Minister Aymen Benabderrahmane announced on Saturday in Algiers.

Speaking during the Prime Minister’s meeting with social partners and economic operators, aiming to set up a safeguard commission responsible for evaluating the impacts caused by the pandemic of the new Coronavirus, Mr. Benabderrahmane indicated that this amount included 12.85 billion Da allocated to the acquisition of protection means, including 12.64 billion Da intended for the Ministry of Health.

The amount, also, included 24.39 billion Da allocated to exceptional allowances for the benefit of State employees, with the objective of encouraging personnel mobilized in the context of the fight against the pandemic, particularly in the health sector, with 16.5 billion Da, the Interior with 7.75 billion Da, as well as Finance and National Defense.

The amount of allocations intended for the solidarity allowance for the benefit of families affected by the pandemic, including the solidarity operation “Ramadhan 2020” amounted to more than 22 billion Da, while that of the allocations devoted for the destitute families was estimated at 24.7 billion Da.

As for the amounts devoted to aid and the repatriation of citizens, they amount to 3.32 billion Da, according to the minister who indicated, on the other hand, that Algeria had allocated an envelope of 271 million Da intended for international cooperation, including 258 million Da, as a contribution to the Covid-19 Intervention Fund for Africa.



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