Eid El Adha: Remarkable decline in anarchic sheep sales outlets in Algiers


ALGIERS – The different municipalities of Algiers are experiencing, these days and unlike recent years, a remarkable decline in anarchic sheep sales outlets for Eid El Adha, following the province decision to tighten control over this activity not authorized within the framework of the reinforcement of the measures of prevention of the Covid-19, one noted.

During a field visit carried out by the APS in a number of communes of Algiers, including Baraki, El Harrach, Sidi Moussa, Eucalyptus, Zéralda, Baba Ali, Birtouta, Souidania, Aïn Benian and Rouiba, it was noticed a significant decline in the phenomenon that usually marked these places before Aid El Adha, precisely in public spaces and along the road, due to the increase in cases of contamination of Covid-19 in Algiers like other provinces.

Last Sunday, the Hovernor of Algiers, Youcef Cherfa had announced the ban on access to the capital of trucks and vehicles for the transport and sale of livestock, stating that these measures exclude the transport of livestock intended for slaughterhouses, on presentation of a veterinary certificate.

A decision that comes as part of the strengthening of health and preventive measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement to national radio station III, the Governror of Algiers explained that his services had ordered the ban on the sale of sheep in unauthorized sales outlets. ”

In recent weeks, the wilaya of Algiers has recorded “the entry of hundreds of livestock transport trucks not subject to veterinary control”, which constitutes, he said, a risk to public health especially during this epidemiological situation.



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