Two Algerian short films at 13th Festival “Les Nuits MED”


ALGE- The short films “Le vieux kalbelouz” by Imène Ayadi and “Kayan wela makanche” by Kada Abdalah will take part in the 13th itinerant short film festival “Les Nuits MED”, scheduled in Porto Vecchio-Lecci and Ajaccio (south of France) from July 16 to 26, announced the organizers on the festival website.

Produced by “NVA prod.”, “Le vieux kalbelouz” tells in 10 minutes the story of Ahmed, a 70 year old character camped by Ahmed Benaissa, living in Algiers and who wakes up alone at home, getting ready to start a new day, deep in thought and questioning memories.

“Kayan wela makanche”, a 13 min short film produced by “Ab positive audiovisual production”, shows the daily life of a man with specific needs, who, in the middle of winter, is trying to find his way along with a batch of people at the arrival of a truck came to supply them with butane gas.

Returning empty-handed at home, the young man is amazed to learn on the radio that his country exports gas abroad.

“Le vieux kalbelouz” and “Kayan wela makanche” are in the running along with up to thirty films produced in 2019 and divided into six short film programs from the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Among other films taking part in the competition, “The philosopher” by the Moroccan, Abdelatif Fdil, “A very old accident” by the Egyptian Ahmed Sobhy, “La Tierra Llamando A Ana” by the Spanish Fernando Bonelli, “A heavy burden “by the Turkish, Yilmaz Ozdil,” Jadael – Tresses “by the Syrian Ismail Dairiki, and” Houria “by the Tunisian Oussama Azzi.



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