Actor Abdelkader Boudjadja passes away


ALGIERS- Algerian actor Abdelkader Boudjadja died, Sunday in Algiers, at the age of 76 after a long illness, pointed out the Cinematographic Association “Adwaa” (Enlightenment).

The deceased began his acting career in the sixties on Radio, before moving to Television and then to the cinema. He was best known for his participation in Ramadan religious works and his passion for Islamic history.

The artist has participated in several motion pictures, TV films and documentaries, including “Hanine” (Nostalgia), the serials on “Ahmed Bey” and “Aïssat Idir” and “Dhakirat Al-Jasad” (Memoirs of the flesh ) and the documentary film on “Sidi Boumediene”.

Active member of the Cinematographic Association “Adwaa”, the deceased also worked as proofreader on several productions.



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