Declarations by Marine Le Pen glorifying colonial past of her country: Political parties express indignation


ALGIERS- Several political parties were outraged, on Thursday, by the statements of the president of the French far-right party, the National Rally (NR), Marine le Pen, coinciding with the celebration of the 58th anniversary of the independence of Algeria and the end of the French colonial era, which Le Pen called a “civilizing work”.

The Freedom and Justice Party (PLJ) ​​said in a press release that the statements of the president of the NR “manifestly testify to the racist impulses of this political current which exploits every opportunity to make statements of hatred and hostility towards all that is Algerian”.

For its part, the El Bina Movement party affirmed that the latest declarations by Marine Le Pen “once again confirm that the resistance and the struggle of the Algerian people for their independence, sovereignty and freedom still disturb colonial France. ”

For the party, “this kind of provocative declarations only reinforces the unity and the determination of the Algerian people to move forward for the construction of New Algeria, by consolidating the internal front in accordance with the oath of the chouhada of the resistance and the values ​​of the Glorious Liberation War. ”

The National Republican Alliance (ANR) strongly condemned and denounced the words of Marine Le Pen, saying that they “reveal the visceral hatred of these descendants of criminals from the French colonial army”.

For its part, the National Democratic Rally (RND) affirmed, in a press release, that the remarks of the far right leader, Marine Le Pen about the apologies requested from France for the crimes it committed in Algeria during colonization “show hostility towards an independent country”.

For the National Liberation Front (FLN) party, Marine Le Pen’s declarations “once again confirm the historic complex” of certain policies in France towards independent Algeria. “They should rather have been ashamed of the sequestration by their country of the skulls and mortuary remains of the heroes of the popular resistances,” said the party.



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