Law to be “firmly” applied against those who incite non-compliance with Covid 19 preventive measures


TINDOUF (Algeria) – The laws of the Republic will be “firmly” applied against those who incite non-compliance with Coronavirus preventive measures, Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad said on Tuesday in the province of Tindouf (extreme south of Algeria).

The “public authorities are entitled to decide coercive measures and to firmly apply the laws of the Republic … We do not accept that malicious people seek to sow chaos,” the Premier said while inspecting a medical center in Tindouf, as part of his working visit to this border city.

“People, living outside Algeria, encourage young people not to comply with prevention and protection, and to go out without face coverings,” he said, underlining that “awareness and responsibility constitute the cornerstone in all efforts for the fight against Covid-19 pandemic.”

“Despite the public authorities’ efforts to raise the awareness of the public, we have noticed that there are two categories of citizens, the one that demonstrated responsibility in the fight against the pandemic and the other that showed indifference and caused the recent upsurge in cases, especially over the past few weeks,” bemoaned the Prime Minister.

Djerad added that those who reject preventive measures, including the wearing of face coverings are indirectly responsible for the increase in contaminated cases and even deaths from the disease.

“Solidarity must prevail in this situation to protect us and warn others,” added Djerad.

The Government is working “tirelessly, in coordination with the medical staffs and local associations to protect Algeria,” the Prime minister said, reiterating that “health executives have proven that the country has all the skills and human resources capable of protecting the citizen from the pandemic and protecting society from its repercussions “.

Moreover, Djerad listened to a briefing on the control at the entry and exit of the citizens in and from the region and the handling of Covid-19 suspected cases.

At the “Si El-Houas” hospital in Tindouf, the Premier inquired about the health map of the region and the epidemiological situation relating to the Covid-19 pandemic.

He has paid glowing tribute to the security corps, police and national gendarmerie, and to the National People’s Army (ANP), having combined their efforts and worked “hand in hand” under the sign of “Khawa-Khawa” (fraternity).

He also greeted all the citizens involved in the fight against Coronavirus, including neighborhood associations, firefighters, Algerian Red Crescent members who “have demonstrated unshakable social cohesion,” he said.

Besides, the Prime minister called on citizens to show responsibility in order to protect themselves and their fellow citizens.



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