Former head of government Belaïd Abdesselam laid to rest in El-Alia cemetery


ALGIERS- The mujahid and former head of government, Belaïd Abdesselam, who died on Saturday at the age of 92, was buried Sunday in the cemetery of El-Alia, in Algiers.

The funeral took place in the presence, in particular, of the Speaker of the People’s National Assembly (APN), Slimane Chenine, Prime Minister, Abdelaziz Djerad, the Advisor to the Presidency of the Republic, Abdelhafidh Allahoum, the Minister of Mujahideen (War Veterans), Tayeb Zitouni, and the Governor of Algiers, Youcef Chorfa.

Also present were political figures, party leaders, mujahideen and his relatives.

Mr. Djerad said, at the end of the funeral, that the deceased was a “mujahid who contributed to the liberation of the country, an emblematic figure, the father of Algerian industry having contributed to the restitution of the country’s energy wealth. He was also a statesman who trained thousands of cadres for the construction of a modern state. ”

The President of the Republic, Mr. Abdelmadjid Tebboune, sent Saturday to the family of the mujahid and former head of government, Belaïd Abdesselam, a message of condolence and compassion, in which he praised his long journey of activism within the movement national, during the glorious War of Liberation and in the service of independent Algeria.

Born in 1928 in Aïn El Kebira in the wilaya of Sétif, the deceased was among the first activists of the national movement. He was one of the founding members of the Association of North African Muslim Students in France (1951-1953) and a founding member of the Union of Algerian Muslim Students in 1953.

The late Belaïd Abdesselam joined the maquis in 1955 and took part, along with a group of students, in the foundation of the General Union of Muslim Students of Algeria (UGEMA), thus helping to launch the call for the student strike, May 19, 1956.

He then joined the Revolutionary Command in the western base where several missions were entrusted to him.

In 1958, the deceased was assigned several missions within the Provisional Government, as assistant to the Minister of Social and Cultural Affairs, before being appointed in 1961 as a collaborator in the Cabinet of the GPRA, then in charge of economic affairs , right after the cease-fire.

In the aftermath of independence, the deceased remained in the service of the fatherland, occupying high state posts, including the head of the Algerian delegation in the Algerian-French agreements on hydrocarbons, Director General (DG) of Sonatrach (1964-1965), Minister of Industry and Energy (1965-1977), Ministers of Light Industries (1977-1979), and finally Head of Government (1992-1993).

Several publications in political, economic and historical journals are also the assets of the deceased.



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