Education reform: Unions to have their “say”


ALGIERS- Minister of National Education Mohamed Ouadjaout has stressed, on Saturday in Algiers, that the sector’s unions will have “their say” in the diagnosis and assessment meetings on the education reform methodology, planned soon.

These meetings will bring together all the actors involved in the implementation of education syllabuses.

During a meeting with delegates of eight newly-authorized unions, Ouadjaout said that the ministry “aims for an effective participation (of all) in the elaboration of a new education system.”

Such diversity represents, for us, “assets capable of enlarging the debate and allows us to build a unifying and consensual educational system,” the minister said.

The assessment meetings on the education reform will also involve university teachers, officials from higher education and training sectors, and economic, industrial, cultural and social organization, he added.

The meetings on the education system will “initiate a national inclusive dialogue,” said the minister.

Through this approach, the ministry intends to make a common diagnosis of the current situation of School in Algeria, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and therefore table opinions, proposals and a vision of the School to which we aspire, while taking advantage of the most important successful approaches on education reform.

“Today, we must take on a historic responsibility which is to work with partners in order to set the appropriate conditions, to revive the Algerian School, by improving and upgrading the education system, in tune with the requirements of the sustainable development,” said the minister, speaking to union representatives.



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