Counter-Terrorism: Two soldiers fell as martyrs in explosion of home-made bomb


ALGIERS-Two soldiers fell as martyrs, on Saturday, in the explosion of a home-made bomb during a combing operation carried out by detachments of the People’s National Army (ANP) in the province of Médéa, said, Sunday, a press release from the Department of National Defense.

“During a combing operation carried out by ANP detachments in the locality of Oued El Takouk, commune of Ain Dalia, province of Médéa (1st Military Region), and following the explosion of a homemade bomb, two (2) soldiers fell as martyrs last night June 27, 2020. These are Captain Bensmaïl Fateh and Master Corporal Khaldi Zakaria “, specified the same source.

“Following this abject act, the detachments of the ANP have strengthened the necessary security measures, by continuing the combing operations in this area,” added the press release.

In this painful circumstance, Major-General Said Chanegriha, Acting Chief of Staff of the People’s National Army “offered his sincere condolences to the families and relatives of the two Chouhada”, reiterating that the ANP “will continue its efforts, without respite and with firmness and perseverance, to track down these criminals and neutralize them wherever they are throughout the national territory,” concluded the same press release.


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