Covid19: Businessmen called to become more financially involved in saving their businesses


ALGIERS – Minister of Industry and Mines Ferhat Ait Ali Braham called on businessmen to become more financially involved in the rescue of their businesses, impacted by the lockdown imposed with a view to fighting the spread of the pandemic of Covid-19.

“I received representatives of the Algerian economic sector, including big companies. Some of them told me that they do not have enough to pay the wages, whereas these same people said, two years ago, that they (together) reached a turnover of 40 billion dollars, “said Mr. Ait Ali Braham during a meeting with national media, including APS.

According to him, operators must “engage in financing the needs of their businesses and not rely on state aid.” The Minister considered, as such, that it was not possible for Algeria to “copy” the experience of developed economies in terms of rescuing companies because of “the difference observed in terms of discipline and respect for commitments “.



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